Faribault Food Access AmeriCorps VISTA

Posted: 03/28/2021

VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) VISTA
Host Site: Community Action Center Site Supervisor: Anika Rychner - Program Director, CAC
Project Goal: Implement and support the launch of a new food access program in Faribault, MN. Build capacity to increase the quantity and access of healthier food options for low-income families to help reduce the burden of food insecurity and poverty in the Faribault area.
Objective: Ensure low-income community member food access experience is trauma-responsive, person-centered, and culturally responsive through regular quarterly and continual assessments 1. Activity: Research and identify best practices for trauma-responsive, person-centered, culturally responsive food access system 2. Activity: Develop regular evaluation to ensure that SuperShelf stocking standards align with food sourcing practices, physical layout, and client identified needs 3. Activity: Ensure that client/participant feedback is integral to evaluation and reflection of operations and experience Objective: Support the transition from Emergency/short-term needs to models that engage and support the long-term health and wellbeing of community members 4. Activity: Develop messaging, communication, and community outreach strategies to inform and educate broader community about a new choice model food shelf 5. Activity: Coordinate logistics involved in transitioning from a pre-pack model to choice-model food shelf 6. Activity: Explore partnership/satellite opportunities throughout the community to build choice into mobile/delivery model 7. Activity: Identify and support potential post-COVID food access models Objective: Engage and include more community members in various food access roles (ie: volunteers, donors, clients, partners) in order to increase food access for low-income community members 1. Activity: Develop tracking system for volunteer hours and positions 2. Activity: Develop an orientation and onboarding process for 300 new volunteers i. Processes, manuals, background checks, etc. 3. Activity: Develop and support information and materials for community-wide understanding and knowledge of food access needs/programming To Apply: https://my.americorps.gov/mp/listing/viewListing.do?fromSearch=true&id=102091